This is ME.

So, a little bit about myself could probably help.

I was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, and moved to the U.S. right after I graduated high school in 2015 to work as an au pair. For those of you who are thinking: “Au pair? What’s that?”, here’s the simple explanation. A live-in, foreign nanny. Yup. So I live where I work and work where I live.

My first year I spent taking care of four kids in Centennial, CO, which is like the southern suburb of Denver. I had a good first year, but at the same time it wasn’t as good as it could be. For my second year I was contacted by the host family of a friend that wanted to find another au pair. So I’m now spending my second year with them. Three kids in a huge house just 20 minutes away from my old host family, in Lone Tree. I absolutely love it here in Colorado and I thank my fabulous host family for a lot of that. I’ve never felt so well taken care of and welcomed into another family’s home before.

I live in the finished basement and have my own bedroom, living room, bath and gym. It’s everything I could ask for doing this job, and I’m even lucky enough to only work 4 days a week! Score!

I started my new and healthy lifestyle on October 1st of 2016 and changed my life overnight. Started working out and ate very clean right away. The first 4 months I lost 40lbs all by myself. I’m now at my goal weight and am working on building muscle and getting stronger. I’ve realized how much I love healthy eating and how this is a lifestyle and not just a phase for me. And I love it. More about this and my life will come, but this is it for now. I’m gonna have my evening protein shake now before I head to bed. Mm mm…


Oh, and my name is Hanna. Goodnight!


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