Quest Protein Chips

So, I did tell you that I picked up some of the Quest Protein Chips and oh was I pleasantly surprised. When you go for a low calorie-high protein product, there’s gonna be that risk of having something taste… Gritty. Bad. The list goes on.

But opening the first bag of Quest’s Protein Chips (Cheddar and Sour Cream flavor), I could smell the chips right away and I definitely got excited. No, they’re not exactly like real, fried chips. Yes, they are more delicate in texture which makes you protect each bag with your life to not have crumbs only when you open it later. BUT! They’re still good! I wasn’t expecting real chips because they’re just not. How could that be possible with the macros of each serving? 20-21g of protein for only 130 calories, guys! That’s worth celebrating on it’s own.

I thoroughly enjoyed both bags, although I have to say I prefer the BBQ flavor. I expected that as well since I am a huge fan of BBQ flavor anything, but that doesn’t mean the Cheddar and Sour Cream wasn’t good. I’ll definitely get more of it in the future. It was just not as bold of a flavor and I am partial to stronger flavors. The serving is a pretty good size too. Not the tiny little Lays bag. It’s good!

So, yes. Definitely recommended and I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors as well. Go for it yourself. They’re a good afternoon snack on those days when you’re having a bit harder of a time meeting your goal for protein intake. And did I say how yummy they are?




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