One of Those Good Weekends

I spent most of the weekend with my boyfriend AJ. The family left for the mountains for Spring Break and I invited him over for the first home cooked meal I’ve made on my own for him. I absolutely love cooking and especially now that my new lifestyle pushes me to be more creative to create tasty and drool-worthy meals. Before, we’ve made our own pizza (I gave him a pizza stone for Christmas) and he absolutely loves it and so do I. It just changes the whole pizza game and for him who basically could live on pizza? Big deal.

So, Saturday night he came over and I wrapped chicken breasts in bacon, slathered some of that G. Hughes BBQ sauce on them and baked them in the oven. I also added some oregano on top of my filet because for some reason I’m obsessed with oregano right now. In the lower oven I baked some homecut fries spiced with smoked paprika for him and roasted some asparagus and green beans for myself.


And let me tell you guys, it turned out so damn well. The chicken was juicy, the fries crispy (yes, I tried some) and the veggies were perfectly seasoned. AJ even had some green beans himself AND tried the asparagus. Progress. And it’s so special to me when he tries stuff I like. When he makes an effort to see the world from my point of view, even if it means him just trying some new veggies or listening to stories about my life.

After that we spent the night at his place and had went to a birthday lunch for his sister with the rest of his siblings and mother. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings, where I had my ordinary order. A salad made up of lettuce, cucumber and grilled chicken that I dip sparingly in some ketchup and black pepper. A lot of people think it’s hard to eat healthy out, and I used to agree. Now that I have figured out how to do it, it’s easy. Yes, a basic salad like that isn’t the most fun thing to order, but when I end up at places like BWW, I prefer going for that than curb under the pressure and end up having something that doesn’t fit into my macros for the day.

AND, here’s the good part. Having that lean salad means more fun snacks and a great dinner at Bad Daddy’s. If you haven’t tried Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, you should check your priorities. Their whole thing is designing your own burger (or salad) exactly how you want it. For me, that means a grilled chicken breast in a lettuce wrap with guacamole, grilled onions, fresh baby bella mushrooms and jalapeno. As a side, I picked their homemade chips that I packed up and ate as a snack later that night, since the “burger” was more than enough to make me feel stuffed. Oh, and you get to name your creation too! Sunny Bunny is what I call my reconstructed salad.

After that we ended up at his place, watched some Dexter and went to bed. This morning he went to work and I slept in for a bit before I went home to do my workout and start my day. And that’s it. A pretty damn good weekend if you ask me.



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