Busy days…

Today started with some pumpkin pie protein pancakes with chopped strawberries and after that I did my workout. Legs day. I usually like legs day, but this one didn’t end well. You see, yesterday I felt a bit sore around my hip flexors when doing some sumo squats, but figured that after some rest I’d feel better. And I did. But then I did the workout and halfway through I was in so much pain it hurt to just lay still. But I finished my workout which feels great. So I’ve been researching what it could be all day and asked other people for advice. So I think some less weight on my legs for a few days, combined with some stretching might help a bit.

But the day went on like usual, having my protein shake after with a snack while watching some weird movie I don’t even remember the name of. Then I decided I needed to get out of the house so I took my lunch, camera, water and headphones for a walk through the neighborhood to a nearby creek and spent an hour there eating and taking pictures. I haven’t used my camera in a long time so it was nice to get back to it. Especially in the nice weather too! I love Colorado for the amount of sun we get. It’s such a huge difference when compared to Sweden and I can imagine how depressed I’d be if I moved back there in August. I’d turn into a vampire!

I headed over to Sprouts and got some strawberries, stacker rice cakes and a pint of Red Velvet Enlightened ice cream. This is the first one of their flavors that I’ll try so I’m excited for my dessert tonight. Previously I’ve had Halo Top’s Mint Chip, Birthday Cake and Chocolate Mocha Chip and I loved them all. I’ll probably post a review about them all soon.

For dinner I made the Flatout Pizza with BBQ chicken although this time I added some mustard in the sauce as well. So damn good that I feel hungry again now. Hehe… But I earned that pizza today, and especially after having an easy lunch. I just heated up a piece of chicken, cooked up some riced cauliflower and asparagus that I added on some greens. Over that I drizzled some handmade Buffalo Mustard sauce and I was ready to go. Spicy and awesome lunch in just a few minutes.


I got a haircut! Like big time! I used to have hair down below my shoulder blades, now it’s a soft a-line haircut that just reaches my shoulders. That’s half of my hair gone and it’s so damn refreshing. Feels free.




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