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A very VERY good weekend! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, guys. I know I did.

As usual, I spent it at AJ’s. He picked me up on his way home from work on Friday and then we had dinner at BWW and ended up watching Dexter and just having a cozy night in.

Saturday we cooked breakfast (plating was terrible but doesn’t mean t wasn’t yummy), went to the gym and then out on a date night. He took me to see Beauty and the Beast and then we had dinner with a friend of his and his girlfriend at a new restaurant. Hurricane Wings and Grill. My food was good and the theme (beach and ocean) was definitely interesting. All in all we had a great time but I thank the company more than the restaurant. No offense. It was just not what we expected.

Sunday was another gym day even though it’s technically our rest day. Then we got ready, I packed up my stuff and we stopped by Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar on the way back to my place. I just have to say, I love Bad Daddy’s. I like the look, the food and the service. Their whole thing is that you can create your own burgers/salads just the way you like them. You can add almost anything, such as pesto, Brie cheese, buttermilk fried bacon and fried eggs. Or the normal stuff like American cheese, BBQ sauce, jalapeño and onion rings. I had a grilled chicken breast on a lightly toasted multigrain bun with guac, red onion, jalapeño and romaine. On the side I had the housemade chips (although I never eat them and bring them with me home instead). AJ went his classical way with a beef patty on the same bun with American cheese and bacon that he then dips in ketchup. Yes, we’re both very particular when it comes to food… hehe…


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