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How I Lost 40lbs in 4 Months

Some people call it a journey, some a transformation. I call it a change of lifestyle. Overnight, I made the decision to completely change the way I eat and exercise. October 1st of 2016 was that first day of my new life. My new lifestyle has changed over time since then, evolved. I’ll tell you guys more about my current life, fitness and diet in a separate post. This one is my story. 

The first stage was getting into a new routine. I started working out every day. That meant at least 20 minutes of cardio every day, as well as some weights. That eventually evolved into 50 minutes of cardio on an elliptical and 30 minutes of weights after that. It wasn’t the best workout regime, but it worked for me. I’m sure there’s more effective workouts to do, but I didn’t know that back then. I combined this workout routine with an extremely strict diet with basically no carbs, and only veggies with protein. That meant a LOT of boring salads. A LOT. I so wish I’d known more about nutrition so that I could’ve followed a more balanced and fun meal plan, but again, I was new to this and didn’t know much. So I did what I thought would work and that’s how I lost the first 20lbs. 

After those first 20lbs, I got stuck. The scale wouldn’t budge and I went to extremes to make it move again. I went down in calorie intake per day. So much that I started getting weak and fatigued. I knew something had to change. I researched and found IdealLean Protein Powder by accident and ordered my first tub. With that I lost about another 17lbs. I was still on a low carb diet, but I did have more calories per day and I felt stronger with the increase of protein in my diet. 

The last 3lbs were stubborn and a lot harder to get rid of. I was at a good weight, 5’9″ and 138lbs, but I wanted to tone my body. Build more muscle and get stronger. Another important thing was to find a diet that worked for me and for my body. So through IdealFit (who makes IdealLean) I found the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge, coached by Lindsey Mathews. I joined and learned how to incorporate healthy carbs into my diet. That’s how my lifestyle became what it is today. It’s also how I lost those last stubborn lbs as well as 4 inches total. I’m in awe of how great that workout program is, and how supportive the women are that I’ve met through it. I highly recommend it for anyone starting their new lifestyle, and wish I had found it sooner. The food is great and the exercises fun. I still use them every day! 

But all in all, that’s how I lost weight. Maintaining it is a whole other thing and why I call it a change of lifestyle instead of a journey. Because a journey ends and if you stop thinking and caring about your body, you will gain weight back. That’s just how it works. And for the record, eating healthy isn’t hard. It’s only as bad or boring as you make it. And I make it fun! 


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