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I have gotten a bunch of questions about what supplements I use to stay on track with my meals, workouts and sleep schedule, so I thought I’d share it with you. This is in no way a sponsored post and is only based on my own experience, opinions and knowledge. 

When I started working out and changing my diet (which all happened overnight) I didn’t use any supplements at all. I really wish I had read and researched more so that the beginning of my weight loss would’ve been more… healthy? Or I should probably say balanced. My diet mostly consisted of salads with some kind of meat. No dressings or anything fun like that. Had I known how to track my macros and calories properly, and what my body really needed to lose fat (without losing muscle mass), my diet would’ve been a lot more exciting. But I’ll talk more about my journey in a separate post. 

So, now that I’ve spent months learning and researching about fitness and health in general, I eat very balanced and also decided to incorporate some supplements and vitamins to my diet. 

First off, we have the basics; vitamins and minerals. I take extra magnesium and iron every morning, as well as Women’s Multivitamin Gummies and Caltrate Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablets. It’s all for basic extra vitamins/minerals, as well as for extra good bone, muscle and joint health. Before my bedtime snack I take one capsule of IdealFit’s Nightime Probiotics which lets me wake up without ever being bloated and my digestive system to work better and in a regular manner. 

And now to the fun stuff; my protein! Oh yeah! The people who know me also know how much I love protein powder. I’ve been called addicted even. And you might think I’m insane, but I’m not. I definitely find some protein powders to both smell and taste disgusting; my boyfriend’s being one of them. But I found a good one on my first try ever. I use IdealFit’s IdealLean Protein Powder for Women and I have ever since I tried it last fall. It’s so damn good and not gritty at all. Doesn’t have a strange flavor or anything, and that’s coming from someone that’s picky about quality too. So after my workout I have one serving of IdealLean (either Strawberries n’ Cream or Peaches n’ Cream) cold. Before bed I have another shake, but this time I have any chocolate flavor I feel like (I prefer Mint and Coconut) heated up so that it’s like hot chocolate. 

And here’s for the good part, I mix them all with 16oz of plain water. And it’s still so damn good! For the hot chocolate shakes I usually add some of Hershey’s Unsweetened Dark Cocoa powder and some cinnamon/hazelnut extract (tonight I’m doing hazelnut). I highly recommend trying to heat up your protein shake even if you don’t use IdealLean because even my bf liked his warm when he ran out of milk and had to mix with water. Best way is to mix the powder with water before and then heat it up slowly in be microwave. That means 15-30 second intervals until it’s warm enough. If you overheat, it’ll clump up the protein as it deconstructs and it’ll make a cakey and very nasty layer on top of your cup. No fun hot chocolate out of that. The protein will still work, but just taste blaaaah! 


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