Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I’ve had a great weekend wit AJ (he gave me the sweetest Easter basket ever), celebrating Easter in the Swedish way yesterday and the American way today.


Here’s some fun facts about Easter in Sweden:

  1. The Easter meal is similar to other holiday meals such as the ones for Christmas and Midsummer. It includes different types of herring, hard boiled and colored eggs with smoked roe, meatballs, small hot dogs called prinskorv, smoked salmon (gravad lax), potatoes, crackers, bread, soft and hard cheeses, veggies and och course eggs filled with candy. 17909315_768459323309258_1190576762_n
  2. Everyone gets an Easter egg (påskägg), made out of cardboard like the big one down below, that they look for in the backyard. Growing up, I would get one on Friday, as well as a nice shirt and little Easter decoration, when we celebrated with our grandparents and aunt’s family. That would be the official Easter with the Easter buffet. On Saturday my family would have a mini Easter and then I’d get another egg with candy. 18034675_769657226522801_1286722699_n
  3. Skärtorsdag, which means Maundy Thursday, is the day when witches leave for a Blåkulla (basically Bluehill) according to Swedish folklore. That’s where they’d celebrate the devil. Hehe…
  4. Many kids dress up as Easter witches on that day and go around to their neighbors to collect candy. It’s very similar to Halloween, except it’s not scary or anything close to it.
  5. The Easter flower is the daffodil (påsklilja) and we decorate pussy willow set in a vase (påskris) with colored feathers, as well as little eggs and chickens.
  6. It’s not the Easter bunny that hides the eggs, but the Easter hare (påskhare).
  7. Swedes have a whole week of Easter break. Spring break comes around late February to early March.
  8. Swedes paint eggs as well, except we hard boil them first and use them during the Easter buffet with smoked roe. We tend to have a little contest that we call picka ägg, where everyone picks their egg and pairs up. Then they tap the eggs together and the winner is the one who’s egg stays intact. That person then battles against another winner until one person is left being the sole winner. In our family, it means eternal glory (until next Easter at least) and the tough winners would tap the egg against their forehead to finally break it.

1 thought on “Happy Easter!”

  1. You describe Swedish Easter in a very nice way. Have you heard Johan Glans description of Swedish easter? Hilarious😁 About the Eggpicking or Ägg pickning😊 in our family it’s life or death just like all races…..For examlpe Kubb😁 it’s deadly serious😊


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