Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I've had a great weekend wit AJ (he gave me the sweetest Easter basket ever), celebrating Easter in the Swedish way yesterday and the American way today. Here's some fun facts about Easter in Sweden: The Easter meal is similar to other holiday meals such as the ones for Christmas and Midsummer.… Continue reading Happy Easter!


Busy days…

Today started with some pumpkin pie protein pancakes with chopped strawberries and after that I did my workout. Legs day. I usually like legs day, but this one didn't end well. You see, yesterday I felt a bit sore around my hip flexors when doing some sumo squats, but figured that after some rest I'd… Continue reading Busy days…

Recipes, Reviews

Grilled Chicken with BBQ sauce in a Portobello Mushroom Bun

Sometimes you end up with your macros telling you to have a salad for dinner, when all YOU want is a savory burger. Now, the good you (the obedient you) start making a salad, bored with it before it's even started. The bad you orders a burger at a takeout place and you end up… Continue reading Grilled Chicken with BBQ sauce in a Portobello Mushroom Bun


Baked Sweet Potato with Buffalo Chicken Salad

A few days ago I tried a new recipe I made up. A baked sweet potato with crispy skin, stuffed with a spicy lime-buffalo chicken salad. It was filling without making me feel insanely stuffed and just spicy enough to not overpower the flavor of the sweet potato. Easy to throw together and a great… Continue reading Baked Sweet Potato with Buffalo Chicken Salad


One of Those Good Weekends

I spent most of the weekend with my boyfriend AJ. The family left for the mountains for Spring Break and I invited him over for the first home cooked meal I've made on my own for him. I absolutely love cooking and especially now that my new lifestyle pushes me to be more creative to… Continue reading One of Those Good Weekends