Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I've had a great weekend wit AJ (he gave me the sweetest Easter basket ever), celebrating Easter in the Swedish way yesterday and the American way today. Here's some fun facts about Easter in Sweden: The Easter meal is similar to other holiday meals such as the ones for Christmas and Midsummer.… Continue reading Happy Easter!

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A very VERY good weekend! 

I hope you all had a great weekend, guys. I know I did. As usual, I spent it at AJ's. He picked me up on his way home from work on Friday and then we had dinner at BWW and ended up watching Dexter and just having a cozy night in. Saturday we cooked breakfast… Continue reading A very VERY good weekend! 


Busy days…

Today started with some pumpkin pie protein pancakes with chopped strawberries and after that I did my workout. Legs day. I usually like legs day, but this one didn't end well. You see, yesterday I felt a bit sore around my hip flexors when doing some sumo squats, but figured that after some rest I'd… Continue reading Busy days…


Quest Protein Chips

So, I did tell you that I picked up some of the Quest Protein Chips and oh was I pleasantly surprised. When you go for a low calorie-high protein product, there's gonna be that risk of having something taste... Gritty. Bad. The list goes on. But opening the first bag of Quest's Protein Chips (Cheddar… Continue reading Quest Protein Chips


This is ME.

So, a little bit about myself could probably help. I was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, and moved to the U.S. right after I graduated high school in 2015 to work as an au pair. For those of you who are thinking: "Au pair? What's that?", here's the simple explanation. A live-in, foreign nanny. Yup. So… Continue reading This is ME.